product tracking technology

Product Tracking and Technology Devices

  • This policy addresses what the Company allows with regard to devices that track and record data and their requirements for use.

  • Policy

    • The company permits LENDERS to use tracking devices in order to track and protect their Articles. These include, but aren’t limited to, AirTags, GPS, and Jio tags.
    • The company requires lenders to disclose certain kinds of tracking/technology devices to RENTER.
    • You must inform guests via the company prior to the start of the rental tenure that you’ve placed a tracking device in the vehicle, and that iPhone and Android users can expect to be notified that there’s a tracking device in use. LENDERS may not place the tracking device on keychains or key fobs.
  • The Company has the right to use device data in the following circumstances:

    • To recover an Article (i.e. if the article is missing or the renter fails to return the vehicle at the end of the trip)
    • To determine a rental tenure should end early, suspend a renters’s account, and/or reduce or void protection under the renter’s protection plan if the Company receives a report of careless or unsafe behavior
  • Violations

    • We’ll warn lenders who fail to disclose the use of the tracking device, and repeat violations of this policy may lead to removal from the Company.